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Los Angeles Day 5

Did nothing special today. Yet finally made a decision to buy a new laptop cause the one I'm using isn't good enough for IR/PS's requirement.

Los Angeles Day 4

Sunday's weather was absolutely sunny! Saturday was sunny, too. The sunshine made our visit to Hollywood and Santa Monica rather heated and touristy. I'm a tourist anyhow :P

We visited China Cinemas and Kodak Theater. That's about it. Then we had our late lunch at Umami Burger. A really delicate and delicious burger restaurant! After that, we walked to Santa Monica Pier. The sunshine was too bright, though the weather was still far below it was in Taiwan. Yet I'm afraid I'll get over-tanned 2 years after when I finish my degree at UCSD...

We went to West Hollywood afterwards. Urth Caffe's Green Tea Boba was really authentically Taiwanese! My gaydar beeped a lot while I was there - mostly gays. Their Blueberry Cheesecake was also nice.

Then my cousin and his friends went to have dinner in Little Tokyo in downtown LA. We lined for ramen. Unbelievable.

To sum up, I had a nice Sunday! It was great and touristy! I like that cause that suppose to be my purpose!

Kaskade Empty Streets / Cascade / Angel On My Shoulder at Freaks of Natu...

"Nature is but an image or imitation of wisdom, the last thing of the soul."

"Nature is but an image or imitation of wisdom, the last thing of the soul."
-- Plotinus